Welcome to our pages.
First of all we would like to introduce ourselfs...

We live in Glückstadt (Schleswig Holstein) which is around 50 km away from Hamburg. We... - that's me, my husband, our three children, our dog (AC white shepherd dog), our cats and the fishes in the aquarium and in our garden pond.

Since 1983 we have been living together with our cats under one roof - or should I rather say our cats have been living with us?

After breeding Main Coon for over 10 years, about 14 years ago I fullfilled one of my dreams...
The first Ragdoll moved into our home, and we've been addicted to them ever since - a kind of "Ragdollmania".

Our Ragdolls are living together with the family. We take particular care that even the studs can also live with us... Just like our 2 legged males, studs need a lot of love, affection, care and attention, and the more they get the more gentle and mild mannered they become.

Our Raggies are used to the everyday chaos of noise, vacuum cleaners, kids, loud music etc. Any kittens move out fully kiddy proofed, as they are often carried around the house by our small daughter or pushed around in the doll pram!! ( Even though we try to explain to her that they do have legs to walk with...which she ignores :-) )