The Ladies of Carryduff

Waldelben's Anaya

Anaya - yes, that´s a breeding queen with a absolutely gorgeous eye color. I really can´t find a more applicable discription.



Carryduff's Shoko-Baby

A dream come true. She´s exactly what a Ragdoll should be, very cuddly and "helpful" all the time. We´re a really looking forward to her further development.



Carryduff's Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell is a true beauty. We think that she will have beautiful kids.



Carryduff's Katinka

Katinka is a typical Ragdoll. The height is like a dream. We hope that she will entail the beautiful eyes and her superb character to her kids.




S*Cas-Sus Charlize Theron

Charlize is our Sweden-Import. We love her so much and she is talking all the time.

Susanne, thank you for this wonderful cat.